Web Development and Programming

Web Development and Programming

Web development is a term that can be broadly used to define the development of websites and applications. Usually these websites and applications can range from a simple page with plain text to complex web designs such as E-commerce businesses and social networks. Programming is slightly different. It basically involves keeping things operational and running efficiently. Programmers or technicians are always seeking simplicity in design.

A programmer seeks to simplify things as much as possible instead of opting for the complex version. Just like development, programming also encompasses multiple categories. Programmers can choose procedural languages or object-oriented to write various codes for programs. When it comes to web content, a programmer can opt for a number of different frameworks and languages which include Python, PHP, Java, C++, Apache, ASP and others.

Programming and web development is becoming highly popular these days, especially within United Kingdom and Scotland. Many youngsters, fresh graduates or those people looking for a career change are opting to learn programming and computer languages.

It is important for a programmer or a developer to have an in-depth knowledge of code and web designing. Otherwise, web development and creating websites would prove to be quite difficult. However, once the developer has acquired the skills and learned about web designing programs, they can easily achieve success in the field of web development.


The term coding has become quite well-known recently. Everybody wants to learn how to code and create their own websites and software. It is actually very helpful and highly cost effective as well. Coding can allow a person to create websites, applications and web designing framework by themselves. Hence, a lot of people are now learning more about coding so that they can experience something new and innovate.

For those who do not know much about this, here is some background information which will help people understand it better:

Writing code is basically a programmer’s way of telling the computer what to do. The computer only understands the binary code which consists of a combination of 0s and 1s. But it is virtually impossible to write a program in the code using the 0s and 1s, which is why, there are programming languages.

These programming languages are just a set of rules that determine how the code should be written and formatted. There are a number of different languages that make it easier for programmers to write code for developing websites and applications. These languages actually transform the code in a way which makes it easier to understand and comprehend. Each of these languages comes with a system that converts the code into binary digits of 0s and 1s later on.

Most of the key programming languages used for web designing and development are high level ones. The high level languages are actually created in a way which makes it easier for people to read and understand code. For example, in the Python language, if a person writes ‘Hello, everybody’, the text will be displayed on the screen.

Coding a Website

Web development and design becomes quite easy once a person is able to learn the basics of coding. In fact, it is said that beginners can learn a lot from web development since it happens to be one of the best forms of coding present. People can navigate through easily, set anything up almost instantly and see immediate results.

Mostly, a lot of people learning coding today are doing it to expand their professional fields or to create websites for their startups and businesses. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, learning how to develop the web is a highly recommended move which can help people greatly in their professional lives.

In order to make it simple for people who are just beginning to learn coding, here is an overview of how things work:

-There are two main functions to focus upon during web development.

Front-End development

This basically refers to what the user sees when a website or an application is loaded. It involves the design, content and the interactive user interface. There are mainly three coding languages which can be used for front-end development, like HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

HTML is the code which turns the text into a web page, while CSS is used to design the layout and determine the appearance of a website. JavaScript is the coding language which is used to add functions to a web page and make it more interactive.

Back-End development (also called server side development)

These are coding languages which determine the settings of a website or application that are not very much visible. Examples of such languages include Python, Java, ASP.NET and PHP.

There are various programs that can help people with coding and web development. One of them is the content management system or CMS, which allows users to easily create websites and manage web content. The CMS or the WCMS(web content management system) has been especially designed to aid users who have little knowledge of programming languages. The users with the help of CMS can easily and efficiently edit web pages, while even making changes within the features and functionality.


Coding programs have been developed to simplify the process of reading and writing code. Such programs usually appear as simple text files but are written in a specific coding language. Each of the codes found inside the program file is referred to as ‘source code’. The various coding languages identify the code files written in that particular language through their file extension. For example, HTML’s file extension is .htm, ASP.NET has the extension .aspx and Python files appear as .py.

Running such programs and getting them to work on commands is not that difficult either. However, it is important to remember that these programs carry variable coding languages which determine how they will function. Some of the languages can be run directly by the operating system of a computer, while there are others that need certain software to run effectively. For example, a PHP program file would most likely be run by a web server such as LAMP. Where else, the Java Script program file runs directly through any web browser like Google Chrome.

Making a program is a fairly easy task and any beginner with less technical know-how would be able to do it. All a user has to do is write the code of the particular program in a plain text file such as Notepad and save it within the computer. Most of the languages then save a binary file into the computer which can be directly run.

There are several programs that developers use for web development and programming. Some of those are:

Notepad ++
This is a user friendly, easy to use program that has proven to be very helpful with coding. Beginners in particular may find it efficient and highly useful. It has a lot of features such as default directory, syntax-highlighting, style configurator and many others.

The program is slightly advanced and highly efficient. Web developers from all over the world have used it to code and create websites. It is essentially a text editor that helps users manage their files easily. Coda also has a lot of features like plugins preferences, CSS overriding and publishing.

The sophisticated and popular IDE (integrated development environment) software known as PhpStorm is highly efficient and works very well with any kind of code. It also has built in developer tools and support for a majority of frameworks such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento and CakePHP.

This is a program mainly used by Java developers. It is also highly sophisticated and supports IDE software.

Navicate for MySQL
The program provides interconnectivity and powers databases through a single application. It is actually a very powerful that can be used to manage or administrate MySQL databases. The program is also known for its graphical interface, professional web development and maintenance.

It is not just the programs that can help make development easier for a programmer. They also have to be very clear and effective with their coding. A code should be written properly, should be objective and saved or named in the correct manner. Other than that, programmers should avoid obvious comments, make the right indentations and be familiar with code grouping.

Tips for programmers

Programming can be highly valuable in the field of web development. While it may seem easy, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. In order to become a good and skilled programmer, one needs to follow these few tips:

-Know why you want to do it
-Choose the language that can be learnt easily
-Be patient and start small
-Try a beginner App
-Take a coding class if possible
-Read a lot of material on programming
-Get help from a person skilled in it

The key to programming is patience. There is no time limit on how long it would take to learn and develop a program. For some people, it can take up to years while others learn how to do it in months. The minimum time it takes for people to learn programming and code is somewhere between eight months and a year.